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EthicsAnswer helps Chief Sustainability Officers automate the completion of ESG surveys using a SaaS platform with generative-AI capabilities

Are you feeling bogged down by the constant stream of requests for information in the form of ESG surveys? What if we told you there’s a new way to respond to ESG surveys that takes a fraction of the time it takes you now? 

✅ Instant Answer

Ask a single question in our platform and receive the answer in seconds.

✅ Complete Surveys in 48 hours or less

Upload a full survey to our platform and receive the completed survey in 48 hours or less*

✅ Evidence backed responses

All question responses are provided with the evidence used to create the response ensuring quick and simple verification.

✅ Digital ESG Library

All answers are saved to the library for easy access for you and other members of your organisation.


*actual response time varies based on system load and depth of evidence provided.

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Respond to ESG surveys in a click of a button

Sign up and complete your FIRST SURVEY FREE


EthicsAnswer takes the manual search, copy and paste out of responding to ESG surveys and other disclosure requests. Simply upload a survey or answer individual questions in our platform and receive completed surveys in 48hours or individual questions instantly. 

Unlike free models, or paid competitors on the market, EthicsAnswer has been trained solely on ESG data, ensuring that language nuances specific to ESG are recognised and responded to correctly. EthicsAnswer also provides a link to the evidence used to create each response.

We have a number of pricing models to fit your usage and budget. The first month is covered by a money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. 

Yes! We offer a “lite” version of EthicsAnswer for those who do not have a set of published reports. You can save approved answers to the library and provide access to your colleagues to save answering ESG questions on an individual basis. 

As with all AI technologies it is important to maintain a human in the loop aspect. For each of our users we recommend you review all of the answers provided by EthicsAnswer before submitting them. To enable you to do this quickly all answers are provided with the evidence used to create the answer, and each answer can be edited and saved to the platform to produce the preferred answer wording in the future.