Simply upload a survey, or copy and paste questions, and responses to any disclosure requests can be extracted in seconds. This tool expedites your disclosure processes, ensuring timely and accurate responses to stakeholders


Ask any ESG question

When you receive an ESG disclosure request you have two options: you can simply copy and paste a single question into EthicsAnswer and receive and immediate response; or you can upload a full survey and check back in 24-48hours when you’ll find the completed survey in your account ready to be downloaded and reviewed.


Ensuring Accuracy

EthicsAnswer uses AI to speed up the process of responding to disclosure requests, but speed is nothing without accuracy. Unlike many paid competitors, or free options available, EthicsAnswer has been trained exclusively on ESG data, ensuring the nuances of ESG language are captured both in the machine’s understanding of the question, but also in providing the answer. Answers are provided with a link to the evidence  so all answers can be quickly and effortlessly verified by you.


Pre-loaded with publicly available data

Your EthicsAnswer account will come pre-loaded with all the publicly available ESG data we have found on your company. EthicsAnswer uses ESG reports and other documents to answer the questions you ask of the platform, but you can also add internal documents which can be used to answer questions and surveys. These confidential documents are treated with the upmost security and do not feed into the machine learning.