Are ESG questions increasing in tenders?

Let AI do the heavy lifting so you can get back to improving sustainability.

Are RFIs/RFPs/Tenders now including ESG questions as part of the process?

Somewhere between Sales and ESG departments is the pressure to reply to them. Not replying, or replying in correcting could loose the customer. But without structured, easily searchable and frequently updated ESG databases responding to ESG disclosure can be a time consuming burden. EthicsAnswer can change all that…

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Discover how EthicsAnswer revolutionises responding to ESG surveys:

Do you have a document containing previously answered questions? Or perhaps hundreds of surveys you have already responded to? That moment when you know you’ve answered this question before but you don’t know where and then you have to find the answer, taking up precious time on administrative work.


Turn hours spent on completing ESG surveys into minutes with EthicsAnswer.  Simply upload any previously completed surveys or databases you may have containing answers and let our ESG specific AI respond to questions for you.

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