Charles read law at Cambridge but decided not pursue a legal career. Instead, his forte and passion lay elsewhere – as an entrepreneur – and he has three successful exits to his name. He has also held senior roles in the Royal Bank of Canada and Deutsche Bank, where he helped them to embrace innovation and emerging technology. Before co-founding EthicsGrade he was head of AI at Fidelity.

Charles’ concern for digital ethics began when he was running the data analytics firm BIPB (now Keyrus). In 2010 he launched the US operations and later became CEO. His background in legal philosophy gave him pause to consider the wider impact of his firm’s technology, and he has often been an outspoken critic of the technology industry over the past decade. He launched a blog called ‘dataPHILOSOPHER’ and has given keynote presentations on ethics and technology, particularly AI, in China, Japan, the United States, UAE and across Europe. He has delivered two TEDx presentations on AI and co-authored Stories from 2045 – insights on how AI may shape the future of work. Charles loves to support fellow entrepreneurs and since 2017 has been a visiting fellow at the University of Bristol where he helps quantum technology academics commercialise their research.

Will was part of the founding team and the first Research Analyst at EthicsGrade. During our beginning, Will helped develop our initial research approach, while analysing companies and growing the analyst team. Will’s focus has since shifted to a strategic role, where he is shaping our go-to-market strategy and sharing insights on the latest trends in the investment industry such as sustainability and private assets. He firmly believes ESG is the future and that companies that get it right will be sustainable while those that don’t will face huge reputational issues.

Kasia is challenge-driven and a life-long learner with a particular interest in technology, science, and health promotion. Kasia’s background is MSK Physiotherapy, where she worked with professional athletes in clinics in UK and Poland. Her passion for science and research allowed her to learn to program, this is how she entered the exciting world of tech. Kasia is a fast learner who never fails to step into new spaces with confidence. Kasia values times of uninterrupted deep work and so does Ethics Grade, therefore she was excited to join a team focused on facilitating ethical and human-centric technology. Currently, Kasia works as a digital nomad, travelling across Europe and hiking in her spare time.

In an unconventional path to Head of Commercial, Tori started her career as a hair and makeup artist. Successfully turning her own freelance work into a bridal hair and makeup agency representing 20+ artists, during which time she realised that her passion wasn’t in hair and makeup but in the growth of the business. Transferring the skills learnt in this process led to a career in marketing, working with start-ups in early or high growth stages to make themselves heard amongst the white noise.

Josh started his academic journey in Mathematics at the University of Bristol, where he soon found himself excited by the prospect of a more practical role in the area of AI. This led him to complete a MA in AI at the University of Edinburgh, where his passion for using AI only grew. Josh believes in the power of AI for good, his particular interests lie in natural language processing and machine learning. He wants to use AI as a tool to help others but understands that in order to do so the right ethical measures must be proactively addressed. Aside from having undertaken several projects in ML and computing, Josh also holds an interest in sustainability.

Prior to joining EthicsAnswer Michal was involved in developing his family’s e-commerce furniture business for more than a decade. Michal decided to pivot and learn to code, which led to him changing direction and working as a Front-end Developer. Michal strongly disagrees with the aspects of the business world which are solely focused on profit, and he believes that the financial promise of technological progress must be balanced with consideration of social needs and human rights.

Mateusz’s been passionate about programming for over 10 years, lately, he has had a growing interest in the areas of Blockchain and Machine Learning. Apart from programming and new technologies, he has a particular interest in financial markets. At EthicsAnswer, he supports the tech team, working to turn ideas into a working prototype.

Jack is a passionate researcher who holds two Master’s, Philosophy from Ryerson University and Bioethics from New York University. Jack joined EthicsAnswer as a full-time member of the research team as the projects intrigued his interest in ethical theory, as well as the practical issues raised by technology. In this role, Jack brings his experience in ethics and philosophy to analyse companies’ AI governance. Jack’s research interests include extending one’s life through sci-fi processes such as mind uploading. 

Hugh is a PhD student at Queen’s University Belfast studying the moral and ethical considerations of using AI and robots when caring for elderly patients. Prior to this, he completed a BA in Philosophy at the University of Essex, and an MA in Applied Ethics at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. With a varied professional background, ranging from book and wine selling to ethical report writing for The Health Council of The Netherlands, Hugh sees ESG, and ethical business practices, as the key to a sustainable future.

Wei-Jie holds an MSc in Public Policy from the University of Bristol, where he specialised in academic staff members’ perception of the four-day workweek. Wei-Jie has worked as a teaching assistant and content manager in Taiwan and as an event coordinator for TEDx in the UK. Wei-Jie provides an insightful and unique perspective on the EthicsAnswer.

Nam-ho is faculty at the University of Washington’s Information School and Senior Product Designer at Carina, a nonprofit platform that connects qualified caregivers with those seeking in-home care. He is also the principal of PLAIN Strategies, providing outcome-focused digital strategies for nonprofits and impact-driven organizations. Having lived and worked in London, Seoul, Hanoi, New York, Washington D.C. and presently in Seattle for the past 9 years, he draws his experience from a lifetime of learning and exploring how we relate to technology and harness it for good.


Kevin was at IBM when the first personal computers were launched in the early 1980s and has enjoyed a long and successful career in technology companies and financial services. He has held senior roles in a wide range of businesses, particularly in the fintech space, and has led regulated brokerages. He now focuses on non-executive roles in fintech companies. Kevin firmly believes that the ‘E’ in ESG often overshadows the ‘S’ and ‘G’ and that there is little point in a company striving to be environmentally friendly if its reputation is being tarnished by poor ethics and governance.